Mexico Aerospace Forum Preliminary Program 2018 - Mexico Business Events (mbe)

Mexico Aerospace Forum Preliminary Program 2018

Mexico’s Future in the Aerospace Industry
  1. Speaker
    Carlos Robles
    Vice President of Bombardier Queretaro

Mexico continues to consolidate its presence as an aerospace supplier thanks to its qualified labor, low manufacturing costs and ideal location. However, local and international concerns continue to plague many of the country’s economic sectors. During this presentation, the speaker will address said fear and discuss both the challenges the sector faces and areas of opportunity brought about by this uncertainty.

The Aerospace Industry Post-USMCA
  1. Moderator
    Luis Lizcano
    Director General of FEMIA
  2. Panelist
    José Antonio Velázquez Solís
    Director General of Queretaro Aerocluster
  3. Panelist
    René Espinoza
    President of Chihuahua Aerocluster
  4. Panelist
    Luis Aguirre
    President of INDEX

24 years ago, Mexico, the US and Canada signed an agreement that set the rules for trade among themselves for over two decades. As NAFTA was instrumental to Mexico’s economic development, talks of its cancellation loomed over Mexico’s economy and were only ameliorated when the conversation shifted toward a renegotiation. After many months, the three countries are increasingly closer to finalizing NAFTA’s replacement: USMCA. However, much about this treaty remains up in the air, including how it will affect Mexico’s aerospace industry.

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Opportunities for Mexico’s SMEs in the Local Manufacturing Chain
  1. Moderator
    Jorge Gutiérrez
    Dean of UNAQ
  2. Panelist
    Roberto Corral
    Vice President and General Manager of Innocentro
  3. Panelist
    Claire Barnouin
    Executive Director of Monterrey Aerocluster
  4. Panelist
    Eugenio Marín
    CEO of TechBA Madrid-Montreal & TechBA Aerospace

One of the main challenges that aerospace companies face to this day is the lack of a strong supply chain to support their operations in Mexico, which forces larger companies to rely heavily on foreign suppliers leading to increasing manufacture costs and reduced efficiency. Efforts from many players in the sector to generate a local supply chain to address the needs of the sector continue. During this panel, speakers will address the main challenges SMEs face to truly penetrate the local aerospace market and how can large companies, accelerators and governmental players support them.

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FAMEX, a Promoter of Mexico’s Aerospace Industry
  1. Speaker
    Wing Gen. Rodolfo Rodríguez
    President of FAMEX

After years of nearly unchecked growth, Mexico’s aerospace industry is well on its way to positioning itself at the top of the global supply chain. However, the sector still has a lot of room for growth, which it can achieve by jointly developing the local industry and attracting more major foreign players in the sector. Under these circumstances, promotion of Mexico’s aerospace industry is essential. One of the country’s largest promoters of the sector is FAMEX, a commercial platform forthe aerospace, defense and security sectors that offers technology and flight demonstrations.   

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Air Connectivity and Mexico’s Economic Development
  1. Moderator
    Francisco Bautista
    Leading Partner of Aerospace Industry at EY
  2. Panelist
    Jesús Navarro
    CEO of Mexicana MRO
  3. Panelist
    Juan José Simón
    Director of SAE
  4. Panelist
    Bernardo Moreno
    CEO of Redwings

Despite political turmoil that has surrounded Mexico’s airport infrastructure lately, the need for better airports that ensure the air connectivity that Mexico needs is still there. After the cancellation of some projects, the future of Mexican airport infrastructure faces uncertainty, but one thing is clear: air connectivity will boost the dynamism of Mexico's economy. In this panel, business leaders will discuss the relevance of airport infrastructure for the country's economic development. 

  1. Speaker
    Felipe Sandoval
    General Manager of Zodiac Aerospace and President of FEMIA

Mexico’s federal elections and NAFTA renegotiations casted a shadow over many of the country’s main economic industries. While the aerospace industry has been mostly left out of political discourse pertaining both matters, the sector may be affected by existing sociopolitical changes. How much is the sector affected and whether positively or negatively still remains to be seen.

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