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Mexico Automotive Summit 2017 - Speakers

Eduardo Solís
Eduardo Solís
Executive President of AMIA

Eduardo Solís studied economics at the Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon (UANL) and did his Master’s and Ph.D at Chicago University and Rochester University, respectively. He entered the Commission of Commerce and Industrial Promotion in 1990, where he carried out free-trade agreement negotiations with Costa Rica, Bolivia, Colombia and Venezuela, as well as the Uruguay Round of the WTO. Solís was responsible for managing NAFTA and other FTAs between Mexico and Latin America between 1995 and 2000.

mario chacón
Mario Chacón
Head of the Investment Promotion Unit for Global Businesses at ProMéxico

Mario Chacón is in charge of managing ProMéxico’s foreign investment promotion activities. He has coordinated ProMéxico’s national and international offices since May 2016. Chacón has more than 35 years of experience in the public and private sectors. He served as Ambassador in Bolivia, Venezuela and Colombia and he was Head of Chancery in Washington, Brussels, Belgium and Luxembourg. Chacón has a Master’s in economic sciences and food sciences from the University of California, Davis.

Verónica Orendain
Verónica Orendain
Director General of Heavy Industries and High Technology at the Ministry of Economy

Verónica Orendain has a Bachelor’s degree in economics. She has participated in the promotion and attraction of new investments to Mexico, as well as in the establishment of private investment projects in the automotive, aerospace, electric, electronics, agro-business, food and general manufacturing sectors. Orendain is a specialist in new businesses for General Electric México and participated in the organization of the Executive Survey for the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitive Index.

Juan Carlos Rocha
Juan Carlos Pérez Rocha
Country Head of Large Corporate for HSBC Mexico

Juan Carlos Perez Rocha is the Country Head of Large Corporate for HSBC Mexico and has occupied this position since March 2014. Before joining HSBC, he worked for 20 years at Citigroup and Banamex, where he held different positions including Regional Director for Commercial Banking, Syndicated Loans Director and Credit Analyst with a focus on the automotive industry. Pérez Rocha graduated from Anáhuac University in 1993 with a degree in administration and business management.

Alexis Milo
Chief Economist for Mexico at HSBC

Alexis Milo was appointed HSBC's Chief Economist for Mexico in May 2016. Before joining HSBC, Alexis was Chief Economist at an international bank in Mexico. He has held various positions in the Mexican government, including Commissioner at the Federal Telecommunications Commission and Chief Adviser to the President. Milo was also Director of Public Debt Management and Director of Fiscal Policy at the Ministry of Finance. He graduated in with a degree in economics from ITAM and has a Ph.D in economics from Yale University.

Juan Pizano
Juan Pizano
Global Trade Advisory Services Partner at Deloitte Consulting Group

Juan Pizano has been with Deloitte since 2015 and before joining the company, he was the Partner in charge for Trade and Customs in another Big 4. For the last 19 years, he has been involved in projects aimed at optimizing global supply chains from indirect tax and customs perspectives, as well as customs compliance. Pizano’s experience is focused on the automotive, tobacco and manufacturing industries and includes customs valuation and optimization, tariff classification, customs compliance audits, value-added tax optimization and free-trade agreements.

Alejandro Rojo
Alejandro Rojo
Director of the Research Center for Automotive Mechatronics (CIMA) at ITESM Toluca

Alejandro Rojo is in charge of linking CIMA with corporate projects related to the automotive industry and he is also Director of the automotive engineering Master’s program. Rojo plans and coordinates technological development and research activities of professors and researchers at the center. Rojo’s background is in material science and engineering, mechanical design and manufacturing. Among his achievements is the creation of the Bachelor’s degree in automotive design engineering at ITESM Toluca.

Salvador Lecona
Salvador Lecona
Deputy Director of the Graduate Program at CIDESI

Salvador Lecona coordinates CIDESI’s academic activities and its relationship with other research centers from CONACYT as well as the development of engineering projects. Lecona has acted as Dean of the Technological University of Queretaro, as well as Director of the Chemistry Faculty and Coordinator of the Basic Sciences division at the Autonomous University of Queretaro (UAQ). Lecona has a Bachelor’s in food chemistry from UAQ and a Master’s in food sciences from ITESM Guaymas.

Jorge Vázquez
Jorge Vázquez
Director of the Innovation, Research and Development Center for Continental Automotive México

Jorge Vázquez has over 18 years of experience in the development and innovation of electronic products for the automotive industry. He is currently responsible for the innovation, research and development strategy of Continental’s R&D Center Santa Anita, which is the largest the company has in the Americas. Vázquez is member of the national directive committee of the National Chamber of Electronics and Information Technologies. He has been a state and federal government adviser in the design of initiatives and public policies to promote science, technology and innovation development.

Jorge Barrero
Jorge Barrero
Partner at Santamarina + Steta

Jorge Barrero has been a partner in Santamarina + Steta since 1985. His professional practice is focused on M&A, joint ventures, securities and capital markets, competition law and family business and estate planning. He is the head of the firm’s office in Monterrey. Barrero has participated in several mergers and acquisitions of both domestic and international companies. He has been involved in the design of negotiation strategies, their financing and implementation, and in the planning and implementation of strategies to approach competition authorities in multiple jurisdictions.

Amelie Mossberg
Commercial Director of Motors Classifieds for MercadoLibre México

Amelie Mossberg leads the vehicle sales and purchase division for MercadoLibre. She was in charge of the merger between Autoplaza and MercadoLibre, resulting in the launch of the new MercadoLibre Motors website. Before joining MercadoLibre, Mossberg helped develop the Groupon company as Operations Director and Director General in Mexico and Puerto Rico. She has a Master’s in business and economics and a Bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Stockholm.

Oscar Albin
Óscar Albin
Executive President of INA

Óscar Albin completed his studies in mechanical engineering at ITESM, as well as a Master’s in Renewable Energies. He began his career at Volkswagen Mexico in 1982, later moving to Chrysler where he served as Development Manager of Mexican Suppliers in Detroit for four years. As a result of the company’s merger with Daimler, he became Procurement Director of Mercedes-Benz Spain. In 2012, Albin assumed the role of Executive President of INA.

Gerardo Varela
Gerardo Varela
General Manager of ZF Services

Gerardo Varela obtained his MBA at the Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico and a Master’s in marketing from the University of Tulane in the US, after receiving a degree in finances from the National Autonomous University of Mexico in 1975. Varela has worked for top companies in the pharmaceutical, industrial and automotive sectors since 1972. Currently, he is General Manager of ZF Services, as well as President of the Aftermarket Committee for INA.

Federico Noriega
Federico de Noriega
Partner at Hogan Lovells BSTL

Federico de Noriega has a background in financing transactions, M&A and legal issues that allows him to offer practical solutions and reduce risk for clients in industries such as automotive, retail, financing, real estate, health and regulation. De Noriega has a law degree from the Ibero American University and a Master’s from Harvard Law School. Among his flagship projects, he has offered
advisory services to Ford in its investment and later divestment in San Luis Potosi and to Crédit Agricole in the securitization of GM Financial’s portfolio.

ricardo bustamante
Ricardo Bustamante
CEO and Founder of SICOP

Ricardo Bustamante is the CEO and Founder of SICOP. He is responsible for the company’s entire operation from the US to Brazil. Bustamante has more than 25 years of experience in the automotive sector, particularly in areas of lean management, customer relationship management, sales, marketing and technology. He acts as adviser and consulting partner for almost all automotive brands, associations and multibrand distributors. Bustamante has also participated as panelist and speaker in forums regarding productivity increases in the sector.

Jochen Freese
Jochen Freese
COO of Hellmann Worldwide Logistics

Jochen Freese is a member of the Executive Board of Hellmann Worldwide Logistics and is responsible for strategic business development and sales, marketing, as well as solutions development. He previously worked at UTi Worldwide where he was member of the Executive Board and President of the Europe, Middle East and North Africa branch. Freese began his career in the area of production and logistics research at the University of Braunschweig and holds an engineering degree from that university.

Manuel Nieblas
Manuel Nieblas
Partner and Manufacturing Industry Leader at Deloitte Mexico

Manuel Nieblas has been a Partner at Deloitte Mexico since 2005 and has more than 25 years of experience working with the firm in projects for the automotive, manufacturing, cement and retail industries. Nieblas specializes in strategic projects, audit and compliance, internal control, debt and capital placement. He was designated Manufacturing Industry Leader in 2013 and he is also member of the Administrative Council at Deloitte Mexico. Nieblas has a Bachelor’s in accounting from UNAM and graduated from the High Management program of IPADE.

Rafael Funes
Rafael Funes
Executive Chairman of LOVIS and President of LOVIS Mexico

Rafael Funes was the creator of LOVIS enterprise operating system (EOS), the first of its kind that has now been established by global researchers as the replacement of ERP and a precondition for Industry 4.0. Funes has been member, Vice President and President of the Board of the Mexican IT Industry Association (AMITI) and member of the Steering Committee of México Visión 2020 created by AMITI and the National Chamber of the Telecommunications Electronics and IT Industry.

fernando turner
Fernando Turner
Minister of Economy and Labor for Nuevo Leon

Fernando Turner has a Bachelor’s in public accounting from ITESM. He also has a Master’s in public administration from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard with a focus on economic development, energy politics and SMEs. Before being appointed Minister of Economy and Labor for Nuevo Leon, Turner was Chairman, Director General and majority stockholder of companies including Katcon, Bienes Turgón, Food Solutions and Hultek. He was also Country President of the National Association of Independent Entrepreneurs.

alejandro marines
Alejandro Marines
Director General of GEFCO México

Alejandro Marines has been in supply chain operations in the automotive, consumer, industrial and technology sectors for more than 25 years. He is currently Director General of GEFCO México and previously acted as Operations Director of LOGYT, Director General of VASCOR, COO of Ipsos Bimsa and Director General of Penske Logistics. Overall, Marines has 10 years of experience in multinational companies operating in Mexico. He has a Bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from La Salle University and an MBA from ITESM.

Martín rosales
Martín Rosales
President and Managing Director of Goodyear México

Martín Rosales has a marketing degree from the University of Belgrano in Buenos Aires and he was a member of the first group of Goodyear’s senior executives who graduated from the EDP program led by Harvard in 2014. Before being appointed President and Managing Director of Goodyear México, Rosales occupied the same position in Goodyear Argentina. He previously was part of the Eastman Kodak corporation where he acted as Marketing Director and Managing Director of the Export Business in Latin America, among other positions.

Manuel Sordo
Manuel Sordo
General Manager Latin America of Universal Robots

Manuel Sordo has over 14 years of experience in managing sales, marketing and operations in international companies, mainly focused on high-technology and industrial markets in the US, Mexico and Latin America. Sordo is currently General Manager Latin America of Universal Robots. Before that, he acted as Regional Sales Manager of ERICO in the Southwest US and Regional Sales Manager Mexico and Latin America of Alpha Wire Company. Sordo has an MBA in international management from the California Intercontinental University.

Alejandro Salas
Alejandro Salas
Senior Industry Analyst and Journalist at Mexico Business Publishing

Alejandro Salas graduated with honors from ITESM in mechatronics engineering. Currently Senior Industry Analyst and Journalist at Mexico Business Publishing, Salas is in charge of the editorial content for the publication Mexico Automotive Review, now in its 2017 edition. He has more than two years’ experience in the automotive sector, interviewing the most prominent industry leaders in Mexico. Salas has also collaborated as an automotive analyst in ProMéxico’s magazine “Negocios” and has been cited by international sources like Seeker.

Victor Fuentes
Víctor Fuentes
Director General of Mexico and Latin America at Mitsubishi Electric Automation

Víctor Fuentes has more than 14 years of experience in the automation, power and electrical business. He started his career in Mitsubishi Electric over five years ago when he was appointed Marketing and Planning Manager Latin America. Fuentes has held seminars for industrial applications of Mitsubishi Electric in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Peru, Colombia, Chile and Argentina, as well as technological programs for universities such as Andrés Bello University in Chile and the Technological University of Aguascalientes in Mexico.

Arturo Zavala
Arturo Zavala
National Sales Manager of Carl Zeiss de México

Arturo Zavala has a Bachelor’s in mechatronics engineering from the Panamerican University. Zavala has been with Carl Zeiss de México for 12 years. He started his career as a Quality Engineer and two years later, rose to the position of Service and Applications Engineer. Zavala has also participated in the company as Volkswagen de México’s Key Account Coordinator and Regional Sales Manager. He is currently the company’s National Sales Manager.

Andrés Lerch
Andrés Lerch
Advisory Partner and Leader of the Operations Transformation Area at EY Mexico’s Automotive Center

Andrés Lerch has more than 25 years’ experience in consulting services, including enterprise resource planning, business feasibility and business process improvement. He has developed projects in the automotive industry for clients such as GM and Ford. He is also an audit and accounting professor at La Salle University, the Banking and Commerce School and the University of Pedregal.

Torben Eckardt
Director General of Volvo Car México

Torben Eckardt was appointed Director General of Volvo Car México in 2016. Eckardt has more than 20 years of experience in the automotive sector. He was Director General of Volvo Car Turkey for six years and was responsible for national sales, as well as imports for 26 markets in the Middle East, the Mediterranean, North Africa and Central Asia. Eckardt has also acted as President of Volvo Cars International Customer, overseeing diplomatic and military sales.