Mexico Automotive Summit 2019 - Preliminary Program - Mexico Business Events (mbe)

Mexico Automotive Summit 2019 - Preliminary Program

Manufacturing Muscle Fueled by National Growth
  1. Speaker
    Carlos Bárcena Pous
    Minister of Economy of Zacatecas
Local Strategies for Improved Regional Supply
  1. Moderator
    Óscar Albin
    Executive President of INA
  2. Panelist
    Juan José Zaragoza
    Mexico Sales and Country Leader of DuPont Transportation & Industrial
  3. Panelist
    Miguel Elizalde
    Executive President of ANPACT
  4. Panelist
    Flavio Rivera
    President and Director General of Daimler Vehículos Comerciales México
  5. Panelist
    Juan Pizano
    Global Trade Advisory Services Partner and Leading Partner for the Automotive Industry at Deloitte México
Networking Coffee Break
Collaborative Strength for Industrial Growth
  1. Moderator
    Alejandro Salas
    Senior Editorial Manager at Mexico Business Publishing
  2. Panelist
    Manuel Montoya
    Director of CLAUT
  3. Panelist
    Alejandro Veraza
    President of the Automotive Cluster of San Luis Potosi
  4. Panelist
    Tarsicio Carreón
    President of the Chihuahua Automotive Cluster
  5. Panelist
    Elisa Crespo Ferrer
    Executive President and Adviser of the Automotive Cluster of the State of Mexico
  6. Panelist
    Alfredo Arzola
    Director General of CLAUGTO
  7. Panelist
    Ulrich Thoma
    President of CLAUZ
Networking Coffee Break
Mobility and Sales in the Digital Era
  1. Moderator
    Guillermo Prieto
    Chairman of AMDA
  2. Panelist
    Anasofía Sánchez
    Director General of Waze in México
  3. Panelist
    Rodrigo Hütt
    Head of Classifieds at Mercado Libre
  4. Panelist
    Fernando Enciso
    Director General of Grupo Surman
  5. Panelist
    Luis Vega
    Business Development Director for Consumer Financing at BBVA
Networking Lunch
  1. Moderator
    Guillermo Rosales
    Director General of AMDA
  2. Panelist
    Enrique Enrich
    Managing Director of Scania Mexico
  3. Panelist
    Gerardo San Román
    Head of Latin America at JATO Dynamics
  4. Panelist
    Elías Massri
    General Director and Chairman of the Administration Board at Giant Motors Latinoamérica
  5. Panelist
    Mario Olea
    Former Director of Bentley Motors Mexico
  6. Panelist
    Fausto Cuevas
    Director General of AMIA
On the Verge Of USMCA, how is Mexico’s Industry doing?
  1. Speaker
    Fausto Cuevas
    Director General of AMIA
Networking Cocktail

Mexico Automotive Summit brings together the most influential business and political leaders in the Mexican automotive industry, including the interviewees featured in Mexico Automotive Review 2021. Register now or risk missing this opportunity to get the inside perspective and network with the industry’s main stakeholders at this high-profile conference and networking event.

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