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Mexico Automotive Summit 2019 Preliminary Speakers

Carlos Bárcena Pous
Minister of Economy of Zacatecas

Carlos Bárcena Pous has a Bachelor’s from the Monterrey Institute of Technology in chemical engineering. He has 30 years of experience working in the chemical, hospital management and operation, manufacturing and public administration sectors. Bárcena has worked for almost nine years in high-ranking government positions. In September 2016, he was appointed Minister of Economy of the State of Zacatecas, after serving as Minister of Economic Development for the State of San Luis Potosi between March 2007 and September 2009.

Óscar Albin
Executive President of INA

Óscar Albin completed his studies in mechanical engineering at the Monterrey Institute of Technology, as well as a Master’s in renewable energies. He began his career at Volkswagen de México in 1982, later moving to Chrysler where he served as Development Manager of Mexican Suppliers in Detroit for four years. After the company’s merger with Daimler, he became Procurement Director of Mercedes-Benz Spain. In 2012, Albin assumed the role of Executive President of INA.

Juan José Zaragoza
Mexico Sales and Country Leader of DuPont Transportation & Industrial

Juan José Zaragoza is the Mexico Sales and Country Leader of DuPont Transportation & Industrial since December 15, 2017. Before this, Zaragoza was Country Leader and Sales and Marketing Manager of DuPont Performance Materials Mexico and was in charge of developing the business’ growth strategy focused on the local and automotive market. Zaragoza has 23 years of experience working at DuPont, where he has held other positions including Manager of New Business Development and Sales for Automotive Industry at DPP.

Miguel Elizalde
Executive President of ANPACT

Miguel Elizalde has held research, teaching and consulting positions and has had roles at both the federal and state levels, including Director General of Federal Transportation at the Ministry of Communications and Transport. Elizalde was also the coordinator of the transportation sector adviser table during the renegotiation of NAFTA. He has a Bachelor’s in industrial and systems engineering from the Monterrey Institute of Technology and a Master’s in public administration from Syracuse University in New York.

Flavio Rivera
President and Director General of Daimler Vehículos Comerciales México

Flavio Rivera is in charge of all strategic and commercial operations at Daimler Vehículos Comerciales México, including representation before the brand’s distribution network. Rivera has 32 years of experience in the automotive industry, especially in light and heavy-vehicle production. He began his career in Chrysler de México in 1986 in the quality and process engineering area. In 2005, Rivera joined Daimler and was appointed Production Director at the company’s plant in Santiago Tianguistenco.

Juan Pizano
Global Trade Advisory Services Partner and Leading Partner for the Automotive Industry at Deloitte México

Juan Pizano has been with Deloitte since 2015. Before joining the company, he was the Partner in charge of Trade and Customs at another Big Four. For over 20 years, he has been involved in projects aimed at optimizing global supply chains from indirect tax and customs perspectives, as well as customs compliance. Pizano’s experience is focused on the automotive, tobacco and manufacturing industries.

Alexandro Burgueño
Director General of the National Automotive Clusters Network

Alexandro Burgueño is the Director of the recently created National Automotive Clusters Network. Before his current appointment, he was Director General of the Jalisco Automotive Cluster. Burgueño has occupied other positions in the private automotive sector for over 10 years, mainly as Key Account Manager serving OEMs like Volkswagen de México and Nissan Mexicana. Burgueño graduated as chemical-administrative engineer from the Monterrey Institute of Technology and has an MBA from IPADE.

Manuel Montoya
Director of CLAUT

Manuel Montoya majored in chemical engineering at the Monterrey Institute of Technology   and holds both an MBA from Spain’s IESE and a Ph.D. in administration from UAQ. He has over three decades of experience in the areas of strategic planning, business plan development and creation, development and structure of clusters. Prior to becoming Director of CLAUT, he occupied several directive positions in companies such as Seival REAL Estate, IPADE, Ficosa International and Tata Ficosa Private Limited.

Alejandro Veraza
Alejandro Veraza
President of the Automotive Cluster of San Luis Potosi

Alejandro Veraza majored in mechanical engineering at UDLAP and has a Master’s in automotive engineering from the School of Technical Specialties in Ulm, Germany. He has held a number of management positions at Volkswagen, ITT Automotive, ZF Sachs, Continental, LuK and the Automotive Cluster of San Luis Potosi. Veraza has led projects in the areas of improvement, lean manufacturing and Six Sigma with tangible results in reduction of completion times for automotive assembly processes.

Tarsicio Carreón
President of the Chihuahua Automotive Cluster

Tarsicio Carreón has expertise in industrial operations both in Mexico and the US, mainly in automotive and aerospace exports-focused manufacturing operations. He leads one of the largest plastic-injection operations in the Americas. Carreón has been an Adviser at Index Chihuahua for four years and in 2019 became President of the Chihuahua Automotive Cluster. He has a Bachelor’s in industrial engineering from Chihuahua Tech II and is certified in Global Leadership by the IMD Business Institute of Laussane, Switzerland.

Elisa Crespo Ferrer
Executive President and Adviser of the Automotive Cluster of the State of Mexico

Elisa Crespo has 14 years of experience in the automotive industry, acting as adviser for several associations, including AMIA, CONCAMIN, ANTP and ANPACT, as well as for several state ministers of economic development. She has developed public relations, investment promotion and communication strategies in states such as State of Mexico, Tlaxcala, Hidalgo, Tamaulipas, Sonora and Guanajuato. Crespo has a Bachelor’s in communication sciences with a specialization in marketing from the Autonomous University of Mexico. She is also a graduate from IPADE.

Alfredo Arzola
Director General of CLAUGTO

Alfredo Arzola worked for six years on international promotion and global sales with a specialization in Central American, Caribbean and North American markets. For two years, he was dedicated to investment promotion strategies for Guanajuato with a focus on Asia and Europe and he spent five years developing Guanajuato’s supply chain and its industrial politics. He has a Bachelor’s in foreign trade and customs and a post-graduate degree in high-management from the Iberian-American University in Leon.

Ulrich Thoma
President of CLAUZ

Ulrich Thoma has over 30 years of experience in the automotive industry and has spent seven years promoting sustainable projects in Puebla and the rest of the country. He is a pioneer in the implementation of human development, professional growth and dual-education model strategies in the state of Puebla. Thoma is Director General of Grupo Norm, President of CLAUZ and its human development committee, Chairman of the Cuautlancingo Corporate Corridor and Chairman of CANACINTRA’s automotive and auto parts chapter in Puebla. 

Guillermo Prieto
Chairman of AMDA

Guillermo Prieto is Chairman of AMDA and of the Latin American Vehicle Dealership Association (ALADDA). Prieto was Adviser at the General Direction of Income Policies of the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit and occupied several positions at the National Banking and Securities Commission. From 2001 to 2009, he was Executive President and Director General of the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV). He has a degree in economics from ITAM and a Master’s in public administration from Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government.

Anasofía Sánchez
Anasofía Sánchez
Director General of Waze in México

Anasofía Sánchez is in charge of developing Waze’s platform in Mexico. Before Waze, Sánchez was Business Director at Facebook Mexico and Central America, where she was responsible for the company’s triple-digit growth and a third of the platform’s income in Mexico. Sánchez was also Director of Brand Solutions for Google and Commercial Leader for YouTube México. She has a marketing degree from the Monterrey Institute of Technology and a Master’s in communication, marketing and new media from L’institut des Hautes Études Économiques et Commerciales.

Rodrigo Hütt
Rodrigo Hütt
Head of Classifieds at Mercado Libre

Rodrigo Hütt is in charge of the real-estate assets, vehicles and services categories in Mexico as Head of Classifieds at Mercado Libre. Before joining the company, Hütt was Founder of VoyalDoc.cin, a digital platform to connect doctors with patients. Previously, he was Business Unit Lead at Pfizer and Company Consultant at Peppers & Rogers Group. Hütt has an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management and a Bachleor’s in marketing and psychology from the London Metropolitan University.

Fernando Enciso
Fernando Enciso
Director Mexico of Grupo Surman

Fernando Enciso started his career as an intern in General Motors de México’s Global Sourcing and Advanced Purchasing area, where he advanced until becoming Senior Buyer for all electric components. Enciso has 23 years of experience in the distribution part of the industry, currently acting as Director General of Grupo Surman and Adviser for the Automotive Industry at the IPADE Autosummit. He has a Bachelor’s in industrial engineering from the Monterrey Institute of Technology and a Master’s in administration from IPADE.

Luis Vega
Business Development Director for Consumer Financing at BBVA

Luis Vega has worked at BBVA for 25 years and has developed significant expertise in the banking sector thanks to his roles as Customer Service Manager, Deputy Director of Debit Cards, Director of Credit, Commercial and Debit Cards, Consumer Credit and Cards Director and Personal Banking and Foreign Resident Director. He is now Business Development Director for Consumer Financing. Vega has a Bachelor’s in business administration from the Technological University of Mexico.

Guillermo Rosales
Director General of AMDA

Guillermo Rosales has worked in the rural and fishing sectors, in development banks and in Veracruz’s public sector. He joined AMDA in 2004, where he is now Director General. He is responsible for the association’s sector studies, media communication and managing AMDA’s agenda with Congress and with the federal government. Rosales has a Bachelor’s in fishing engineering from the Technological Institute of the Sea and a post-graduate degree in finance from the University of Veracruz.

Enrique Enrich
Enrique Enrich
Managing Director of Scania Mexico

Enrique Enrich has worked in Scania Group for over 20 years, occupying different positions in Brazil, Sweden, Uruguay, Colombia and Mexico. As Managing Director of Scania México, he is in charge of supporting a fleet of over 6,500 vehicles circulating in the country. Enrich’s goal for 2019 is to maintain Scania’s leadership position in the coach segment and promote the use of alternative fuels like natural gas in heavy-vehicle operations. He graduated in economics and has a post-graduate degree from the University of São Paulo.

Gerardo San Román
Head of Latin America at JATO Dynamics

Gerardo San Román started his career at JATO Dynamics in 1996 as an automotive specialist focused on market research. He occupied other positions in product and business development, sales, customer service and in 2002 was appointed Director General of the company’s branch in Mexico. In 2010, San Román became Commercial Director for Latin America, including Mexico, Puerto Rico, Chile, Argentina and Brazil, and in 2013 he became President of JATO Dynamics Brazil.

Elías Massri
General Director and Chairman of the Administration Board at Giant Motors Latinoamérica

Elias Massri has over 30 years of experience in a variety of industries. He was President of the Board and General Manager at Buenhogar, a retail chain and international wholesale store. Massri is also a founding member of the Importers of Domestic Appliances National Association (ANIAD), founding member of Intelisis, a firm dedicated to consultancy and IT implementation, and founder of Punto Azul, which groups several businesses in metalworking and other services. Since 2006, Massri has been running the automotive company Giant Motors Latinoamérica.

Mario Olea
Director of Bentley Motors Mexico

Mario Olea became Director of Bentley Motors Mexico in 2017, when Grupo Surman took over Bentley’s official import operations in Mexico. Previously, Olea was Bentley’s Brand Manager for almost eight years and Operations and Marketing Manager for almost four years, as part of the VW Group. Before joining Bentley, Olea occupied different Project Manager roles in VW Group. He participated in the Truck & Buses restructure, the A5 Project and the Beetle Cabrio Project in Mexico. Olea was also the Jetta A4 Facelift Project Leader in Germany for over three years.

Fausto Cuevas
Director General of AMIA

Fausto Cuevas has been Director General of AMIA since 1993. He has participated as the automotive industry representative in trade negotiations that culminated in agreements like NAFTA and MERCOSUR. He also participated in the CPTPP negotiations, the modernization of the new agreement between Mexico and the EU and the renegotiation of NAFTA, now USMCA. He has a Bachelor’s in economics from UNAM and a Master’s in economic development and planning from the Social Studies Institute in The Hague.