Mexico Business Forum 2018 Preliminary Program - Mexico Business Events (mbe)

Mexico Business Forum 2018 Preliminary Program

Mexican Businesses and the Challenge of Reshaping Global Perceptions
  1. Speaker
    José-Oriol Bosch
    CEO of BMV Group

More than governmental promotion, Mexican companies and its leaders are shaping the way the world perceives Mexico. How are business leaders changing the way Mexico is perceived in the global business world? How can Mexico take advantage of this soft power to improve other aspects of its image? How can Mexico take advantage of this soft power to position as a top economy and global power?

From Maquila to Data: How to Transition to a Digitally Driven Economy
  1. Moderator
    Manuel Nieblas
    Partner and Manufacturing Industry Leader at Deloitte Mexico
  2. Panelist
    Alfredo González
    Latin America North Head of Enterprise and Public Sector at Nokia
  3. Panelist
    Iván Pelayo
    Vicepresident, Digital Factory and Process Industries & Drives Divisions at Siemens Mesoamerica
  4. Panelist
    Elías Massri Sasson
    Director General and Chairman of the Administration Board at Giant Motors Latin America
  5. Panelist
    Luis Aguirre
    National President of Index

How can Mexico transform the manufacturing base of its economy and transition toward a digital-driven economy? What are the public and private sectors’ responsibilities in ensuring the creation of high added value activities and business?

Industry 4.0 and digitalization will transform the world’s economy and productive processes in more disruptive ways than the first industrial revolution did. To remain a competitive destination for investment and maintain its place in the global productive chains, Mexico must transform its economic base and implement supporting public policies.

Networking Coffee Break
Sustainable Tourism for a Sustainable Future
  1. Speaker
    Pablo Azcárraga
    President of the National Tourism Business Council (CNET)

How can Mexico preserve its tourism offer while increasing its tourism economy?  How can the development of the sector bolster the sustainable development of communities? What can the public and private sectors do to ensure the development of future tourist destinations?

Mexico’s Role in the World’s Alimentary Future
  1. Moderator
    Juan Carlos Anaya
    Director General of GCMA
  2. Panelist
    Javier Valdés
    Director General of Syngenta Latin America North
  3. Panelist
    Luis Musi Letayf
    Vice President of Legislation and Standardization at Mexican Meat Council
  4. Panelist
    Diego Antonio Martínez
    Chairman of the Board at Aneberries
  5. Panelist
    Ramón Paz
    Chairman of the Board at Avocados From Mexico

What are Mexico’s challenges and opportunities to secure its position as one of the most important producers of food for the world? How is technology being applied to ensure Mexico’s continued food production and international competitiveness? What challenges will global warming pose for traditional food producers as Mexico?

Networking Coffee Break
The Untapped Possibilities of Business Tourism
  1. Speaker
    Gerardo Vera
    Director General of Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT) for Mexico and Central America
Technology as a Vehicle for Financial Inclusion
  1. Moderator
    Vicente Fenoll
    Founder & CEO of kubo.financiero
  2. Panelist
    Alejandro Valenzuela
    CEO of Banco Azteca
  3. Panelist
    Germán Montoya
    Chief Strategy and Creative Officer at Rokk3r Labs
  4. Panelist
    Luz Adriana Ramírez
    Director General of VISA México

How can technology be used to generate greater social and financial inclusion in Mexico? What role will technology play in educating (or re-educating) the population regarding the use of financial services? Can technology provide sufficient trust for a population that tends to be wary of traditional financial institutions? Are fintech institutions narrowing the gap of consumers with access to financial access or do they target the same population segments as banks?

Networking Lunch
Beyond the US: Cooperation and Diversification Opportunities for Mexico
  1. Moderator
    César Maillard Cárdenas
    Partner at Maillard Abogados Laborales
  2. Panelist
    Ezequiel Sabor
    Ambassador of Argentina to Mexico
  3. Panelist
    Margriet Leemhuis
    Ambassador of The Netherlands to Mexico
  4. Panelist
    Muktesh K. Pardeshi
    Ambassador of India to Mexico
  5. Panelist
    Duncan Taylor
    Ambassador of United Kingdom to Mexico

What opportunities do other countries offer Mexico for cooperation and economic diversification?

Presidential elections: Fake news and social media
  1. Moderator
    Luis Pablo Beauregard
    Editor of El País México
  2. Panelist
    Diego Bassante
    Manager of Latin American Politics and Government at Facebook
  3. Panelist
    María Ximena Céspedes
    CEO of Metrics
  4. Panelist
    Carlos Rodríguez
    Mexico Bureau Chief at Bloomberg

In the first weekend of July, Mexico will elect its new president. The election is being held against a global backdrop in which social media, the appearance of fake news and the use of data in increasingly personalized electoral campaigns have become protagonists. To what extent can social media influence voting? What approach should the electorate and candidates take toward the appearance of fake news on social media and what role should users, the media and public authorities play in controlling fake news? These are some of the questions this panel will tackle.

Mexico's Opportunity as the Global Economic Landscape Shifts
  1. Speaker
    Francisco Gil
    Chairman of the Board at Avanzia

The world is changing in the face of new international political and economic dynamics. In a more interconnected environment, where there is no longer one economic superpower, different countries, Mexico included, must analyze the role they should to play in the new international scenario.

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