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Mexico Energy Forum 2019 Preliminary Program

Mexico’s New Energy Model

Mexico’s energy transition has delivered four long-term and one midterm electricity auctions. The decreasing trend in auction price packages suggests that companies can develop utility-scale clean energy projects at highly competitive margins. But others are looking to conquer new horizons: bilateral PPAs and full-merchant projects have more attractive margins but also higher risks.

Diversifying Mexico’s Energy Mix
  1. Moderator
    Claudio Rodríguez
    Head of Mexico City Office of Thompson & Knight
  2. Panelist
    Eduardo Meraz
    Director of CENACE
  3. Panelist
    Enrique Alba
    CEO of Iberdrola México
  4. Panelist
    Sampo Suvisaari
    Regional Director Latin America North and the Caribbean of Wärtsilä
  5. Panelist
    Gerardo Pérez
    Director General of EDF Renewables Mexico

Renewable energy can claim bragging rights to eventually take the top place in Mexico’s energy mix, with solar PV and wind power leading the way. Yet, as attractive as these resources are, from both a technical and business standpoint, there is still no overall resolution to blunt the impact from their Achille’s heel: intermittency. Natural gas is considered a critical transition fuel in this regard, while the country can also capitalize on its hydroelectric and geothermal resources.

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Financing Options for Merchant Projects and PPAs
  1. Moderator
    José Guardo
    Partner of Energy and Infrastructure at Clifford Chance
  2. Panelist
    Rafael Valdez
    Managing Director Latin America and the Caribbean of Envision
  3. Panelist
    José Arosa
    CEO of AES Mexico
  4. Panelist
    John Bates
    CEO of Prana Power
  5. Panelist
    Raúl Solís
    Deputy Director General of Investment Banking at NAFIN

Mexico’s long-term electricity auctions provided the tools to develop sophisticated project finance models applied to utility-scale projects. As the market looks to bilateral PPAs and merchant projects, a greater level of sophistication regarding these schemes is required to address the high long-term variability of the electricity node’s local marginal prices, a key component of bankable merchant projects and bilateral PPAs.

Networking Coffee Break
How to make Mexico’s Transmission and Distribution Network Future-Proof
  1. Panelist
    Víctor Fuentes
    Director General of Mitsubishi Electric Automation Mexico and Latin America
  2. Panelist
    Alejandro Preinfalk
    Vice President of Energy Management at Siemens Mexico
  3. Panelist
    Enrique González
    Director General of Schneider Electric

Mexico’s grid is poised to welcome an additional 8GW from renewable energy projects. However, this achievement will not reach its full potential without the proper infrastructure to deliver the power produced to critical consumption points. Moreover, the country’s transmission and distribution grid must be ready to integrate smart technologies and energy storage, two of the primary challenges for Mexico’s energy infrastructure.

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CFE’s Role in a Market-based Electricity Industry

Can a former state-owned company thrive in a market unlocked by competitive forces? CFE’s quest for healthy finances, efficient operations and a satisfied  consumer base is a permanent effort with a long-term vision. CFE Internacional winning an energy-trading permit from the US FERC is a positive step that attests to the company’s readiness to compete in international and more sophisticated markets.

The Evolution of Energy Strategy Priorities of Large Industrial Users
  1. Moderator
    Francisco Salazar
    Founding Partner of Enix
  2. Panelist
    Ramón Basanta
    CEO of ATCO Energía
  3. Panelist
    Alejandro Blanco-Moreno
    Co-Founder of Tradeon Energy
  4. Panelist
    Gustavo Ortega
    Director General of Grupo México División Energía
  5. Panelist
    Francis Pérez
    Director General of RAMADASA

Mexico’s energy transition wants to empower final users. Energy consumption represents close to 40 percent of the yearly expenditures at intensive industries. Cost-effective energy consumption, trading energy in the wholesale electricity market, demand control and energy efficiency are but a few of the tools available for the country’s industrial tissue to consolidate energy consumption savings and bolster its competitiveness on both a national and global scale.

Regulating and Enabling the Future of Energy
  1. Speaker
    Guillermo García
    President Commissioner of CRE

Removing entry barriers in an infant market such as Mexico’s energy industry is a long-term effort. Guaranteeing competition on a market-based level-playing field while enabling business activity across the links of Mexico’s value chain is CRE’s job, making it a key component in the maturation of the country’s energy industry given its regulatory attributes.

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