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Mexico Health Summit 2019 Speakers

Juan Galindo
Medical Director of Christus Muguerza

Juan Galindo is an internist with a specialty in pulmonology from UANL’s School of Medicine. Galindo's professional experience includes being a professor at UANL’s Dr. José Eleuterio González University Hospital. Christus Muguerza is a network of hospitals with branches in Nuevo Leon, Coahuila, Chihuahua, Tamaulipas, San Luis Potosi, Guanajuato and Puebla that for more than 100 years has provided healthcare services to the population in these states. It operates nine hospitals and 18 medical attention centers across the country.

Jaime Castro
Director General of BFP part of QBD group in Mexico

Jaime Castro is an expert in compliance with good manufacturing practices and quality management systems, as well as a specialist in computer systems validation. Castro is co-author of the book, Guide VSC: The Answers. He has more than 20 years of experience in the health industry, where he has held several positions, including Project Manager, International Speaker and Talent Manager. Castro has participated in key industry forums and is an active member and promoter of Mexico’s ISPE Chapter.

Alejandro Gil
CEO of Centro Médico Puerta de Hierro

Alejandro Gil is a healthcare consultant with proven experience in process improvement, business development and hospital operations. Gil has worked for Centro Médico Puerta de Hierro in Guadalajara, Jalisco, for over eight years. Previously, he was President of the Medical Tourism Cluster of Jalisco. Gil holds a Bachelor’s in industrial engineering from the Monterrey Institute of Technology and an MBA from the Thunderbird School of Global Management in Arizona.

Macedonio Garza
Director General of Farmacias Benavides

Macedonio Garza is Director General of Farmacias Benavides, a member of the Walgreens Boots Alliance. Under his leadership, over 100 business units have been inaugurated in various states over the past 12 months. The company has also developed complementary services such as home delivery and primary healthcare consultations at points of sale. Garza was a founding member of the WBA Group's Global Inclusion Council. Moreover, he holds a MBA from IPADE Business School and a Bachelor's from the Monterrey Institute of Technology in electronic systems.

Américo García
Director General of Mexico and Latin America at Apotex

Américo García joined the Apotex team in 2014 as Director General for Latin America. He is in charge of all operations related to the final product, supply chain, R&D and the commercialization of medicines in Latin America. García has held numerous roles in the pharmaceutical industry and several executive positions at transnational companies. García holds a Bachelor’s from the Monterrey Institute of Technology and a Master's in business administration and leadership from DUXX Business School and INSEAD Business School of France.

Alejandro Paolini
Director General of Siemens Healthineers for Mexico, Central America and Caribbean

Alejandro Paolini has over 25 years of experience in business management and has worked in Brazil, Venezuela and Argentina. He began his career at Weinstein & Associates. He later moved to EY International and was CEO of Philips Mexico and Director General for healthcare. In his current position, he has led several projects with public and private institutions. Some examples include the digitalization of the imaging department at the National Cardiology Institute and the installation of the first 64-channel 3T at INNN.

Ignacio Tellez-Garcia
Director of Health Sector of KPMG in Mexico

Ignacio García-Tellez has over 20 years’ experience in market research, process evaluation, strategy definition and evaluation, business plan development, services innovation, preparation of operating budgets and design of models for negotiation and construction of decision-making scenarios. Garcia-Tellez has worked with institutions in different segments, including hospital, pharmaceutical, medical equipment and government. He seeks to understand the reality each company faces to develop the most adequate solution.

MHR2019_IQVIA_Mario Muniz
Mario Muniz
Director General of IQVIA

Mario Muniz has held several marketing, sales and general management roles and has worked with different business models, from startups to large companies with regional operations in Latin America. His areas of expertise include strategy and execution in the pharmaceutical industry and medical technology in Latin America. Muniz holds a postgraduate degree from Harvard Business School, an MBA and postgraduate degree from Ohio University and SDA Bocconi, and a Bachelor’s in strengths-based management from Bellevue University of Nebraska. 

Marcos Pascual
Commercial Director of ANAFARMEX

Marcos Pascual has been the commercial director for ANAFARMEX since its foundation in 1997, developing business models to benefit the pharmacies that are members of the association. Previously, he worked in sales and marketing in the pharmaceutical industry and as a consultant for companies doing business with pharmacies in Mexico. He studied management at Del Valle University (UVM) and later obtained a Master’s in administration with a specialty in strategic commercialization from the same university.

José Elizondo
Founder of Wellmedic Health Centers

José Elizondo has 20 years of experience as a businessman and entrepreneur in the real estate, health and industrial production sectors. For the past 12 years, Elizondo has focused on doing business in the real estate sector and growing as a consultant. In 2016, he founded WELLMEDIC Health Centers, the first and globally connected co-working space for doctors and health providers with presence in Mexico City, Guanajuato, Quintana Roo, Queretaro and more. Elizondo holds a degree in international marketing from Monterrey University.

Anil Andrade
Director General for ACG Group

Anil Andrade is responsible for ACG Capsules’ business strategy and leads a team of sales and business development associates for the pharmaceutical and dietary supplement industries in the US, Canada and Mexico. Andrade has held several positions within ACG Capsules related to startup businesses and special projects focused on quality, IT systems and operations. Andrade has more than 20 years of business development experience, both national and international, from East Africa and the Middle East to the EU.

Eduardo Tapia
Director of Life Science and Healthcare for DHL

Eduardo Tapia has more than 20 years of experience in the management and strategic planning of the supply chain, as well as in commercial development and project management. Tapia has been working at DHL Supply Chain Mexico for 17 years and has held roles in a variety of fields. Before leading the Life Sciences and Health Care division, Tapia directed DHL’s Retail division. He holds a Bachelor’s in industrial engineering from the Panamerican University. Tapia also has specialized studies from IPADE and the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Victor Saadia
Founder and CEO of BioCenter

Victor Saadia is a medical wellness entrepreneur. He has a Bachelor’s in economics and a Master’s in interdisciplinary thought from New York University. He is currently coursing his second Master’s in regenerative medicine and is a Ph.D. candidate in philosophy at the European Graduate School in Switzerland. He is Founder and CEO of BioCenter, which clusters an array of businesses related to regenerative medicine and wellness. He is also working on a book about diabetes.

Luis Alonso Herrera
Director General of INMEGEN

Luis Herrera has a degree in biology and a Ph.D. in biomedical sciences from the UNAM School of Sciences. He later graduated with a postdoctoral degree from the Department of Infectious Diseases at Stanford University. He has published numerous articles in indexed and high-impact journals like the International Journal of Oncology, Trends in Parasitology and Mutation Research. He has been in charge of the INCan Research Directorate for the last 10 years, managing the Hereditary Cancer Clinic and the Prevention Research Center.

David Kershenobich
Director General of NCMNSZ

David Kershenobich served for 30 years as Head of the Clinical Service at INCMNSZ. He has held other positions at the Institute, including Teaching Coordinator, member of the Ethics and Research Committee, Head of the Department of Gastroenterology and Member of the Board of Directors. Kershenobich has written 489 publications, of which 201 are original articles, seven are books and 85 are book chapters. He is a surgeon and studied medicine at UNAM. He holds a Ph.D. in medicine from London University.

Abelardo Meneses
Director General INCAN

Abelardo Meneses was appointed Director General of INCan for a second term through 2018-2023. Meneses supported the creation of the first National Cancer Registry, which will help strengthen care policies in Mexico, and the first Cancer Survivors Registry in Mexico. He is a surgeon, has a midwife degree and two specialties, one in oncological pathology and another in pathological anatomy. He has more than 140 national and international scientific publications with 1,484 bibliographic citations.

MHR2019_LEI_Laura Padierna
Laura Padierna
Director of Biological Applications at LEI

Laura Padierna holds a Bachelor’s degree in biology from UNAM and a Master’s in molecular biomedicine from CINVESTAV Zacatenco. Moreover, she is a sciences doctorate candidate in molecular biomedicine at IPN. Padierna's work involves performing in vitro trials to replace animal testing in irritability, sensitivity and ocular absorption assessments, as well as optimizing cell therapy for high-performance HP laminitis treatment. Padierna also leads a project for the use of 3D printing to regenerate nervous tissue using a liquid air interface.

Eduardo Lara
Head of Health for RGA Latin America

Eduardo Lara joined RGA in 2017. He has 26 years of experience in the insurance industry, 20 of which has been in health insurance strategic and operational functions for reinsurers, insurers, consulting firms and third-party administrators. Before joining RGA, Eduardo was Director General of the Mexican Hospital Consortium. He also was Head of Health in Latin America for Swiss Re and Principal and Managing Director of Milliman's health consulting practice in Mexico. Moreover, Lara holds a degree in Actuary by the UNAM with a specialty in Managed Care by the University of Arizona.

Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar
Subregional Head for Management Center Latin America North and Country Manager of Roche Diabetes Care Mexico

Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar is a business leader with more than 10 years of experience in Europe and Latin America. In 2007, he joined Roche as Corporate Audit Manager in Switzerland and subsequently relocated to Sao Paulo in 2010. He was appointed Country Manager of Roche Diabetes Care Mexico in 2018 and became Subregional Head of Management Center Latin America North and Country Manager of Roche Diabetes Care Mexico in 2019.

Carlos Jiménez
President of AMID

Carlos Jiménez, in addition to his role at AMID, is also Director General of B. Braun Aesculap in Mexico. Jiménez focuses on marketing and sales, as well as manufacturing, operations, finance and management. He is a board member at German Industry Patronage for Culture in Mexico and was elected Vice President in February 2016. Jiménez has over 30 years of medical and hospital sector experience in Latin America, holding different roles within the B. Braun Group. Also, he was an adviser at the German Chamber of Commerce (CAMEXA).

Carlos Septién Michel
Director General of Grupo Diagnósitico PROA

Carlos Septién was Executive Director of Grupo Elektra from 2007 to 2013 and of Banco Azteca from 2002 to 2013. Septién also has experience as Vice President of Information and Public Affairs at Grupo Salinas and was Chairman of the Board of Directors at Libertad Servicios Financieros. Grupo Proa is a corporate group formed by companies dedicated to clinical analysis and cabinet studies. Septién holds a Bachelor’s from Iberoamerican University and a Master’s from Purdue University in Indiana.

Ana Longoria
President and Director General of Novartis

Ana Longoria has 15 years of experience at Novartis. She started her career with the company in Spain as part of the International Career Development Program in 2005. Subsequently, she assumed numerous responsibilities in the fields of marketing and sales. Today, Longoria is Director General of Novartis México and President of AMIIF. She has a degree in business administration from Iberoamerican University and an MBA from ESADE Business School in Spain.

Javier Potes
Director General of Consorcio Mexicano de Hospitales

Javier Potes is the Founder and Director of Consorcio Mexicano de Hospitales, the largest private hospital group in the country comprising 40 hospitals in 37 cities. He also created SumarSalud, a private healthcare system. Potes is a founding member of the Iberian-Latin American Health League (LILAS) that includes hospital associations from Argentina, Brazil and Colombia. He is now a member of FUNSALUD and Technical Coordinator at the Health Commission of the Business Coordination Council (CCE).

MHR2019_PharmAdvice_Sandra Sánchez-Oldenhage
Sandra Sánchez-Oldenhage
Director General of PharmAdvice

Sandra Sánchez-Oldenhage has 32 years of experience in top-ranked pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer, MSD, Searle and Pharmacia. She also worked as President and General Manager for Amgen Mexico. In 2014 she joined Probiomed as General Manager and in mid-2018 she joined Biogen as General Manager for Mexico. She established her own consulting firm PharmAdvice to leverage her experience in regulatory and government affairs, access and markets in Mexico.

Mario Sicilia
Director General Laboratorio Médico Polanco

Mario Sicilia is Managing Partner of ProActive Capital, in addition to being Director General of Laboratorio Médico Polanco. Sicilia served as CEO and President of Medistik, a logistics provider for the medical industry, before co-founding ProActive. He is a member of the boards of Medica Sur, Medistik, Vertical Homes, Sekura and Tecnomotum. Sicilia has an MBA from Stanford University Graduate School of Business and a degree in industrial engineering from the Iberoamerican University.

Rodrigo Puga
President and Country Manager of Pfizer Mexico

Rodrigo Puga has over 19 years of experience leading highly productive teams and implementing new business models at Pfizer. He joined Pfizer in 1997 and from that date has held numerous directorial positions at the company, including New Products Planning Manager, and oversaw the Cardiovascular Business Unit at Pfizer Chile. Puga was Director of the Vaccines Business Unit and Finance Director for Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay. In 2011 he was named President and Director General of Pfizer Peru and Bolivia. Puga has led Pfizer Mexico since 2016.

César Carrasco
Country General Manager of Philips Mexico

César Carrasco has contributed to the growth of strategic partnerships and the promotion of the company's economic results in Mexico and Latin America. He has been an ally in achieving business evolution for more than 18 years at Philips. His main areas of expertise focus on financial and general administration, strategic planning and development of business plans related to healthcare. Cesar has a degree in public accounting from Iberoamerican University and an MBA from the Monterrey Institute of Technology.

Miguel Salazar
Member of the Board of AMIIF

Miguel Salazar has more than 25 years of experience at Boehringer Ingelheim and has worked in the pharmaceutical industry since 1988 in the US, Germany, Mexico, Canada and the Caribbean. His academic and professional training in the technology and healthcare areas has allowed him to collaborate with leading companies, both local and multinational, such as McDonald's, Bristol Myers Squibb and Boehringer Ingelheim. Salazar holds a Computing degree and a Master's in Management, both from Anáhuac University.

Jaime Cervantes
CEO of Grupo Vitalmex

Jaime Cervantes has been CEO of Grupo Vitalmex since 2007. His lengthy career in the health sector includes many achievements. Among the most illustrative is having co-founded the Scientific Medical Committee for the research and development of the first Ventricular Assist Device in Latin America. Cervantes holds multiple diplomas and professional recognitions from prestigious institutions like IPADE, ITAM and the Monterrey Institute of Technology.