Mexico Mining Forum 2015 Program - Mexico Business Events (mbe)

Mexico Mining Forum 2015 Program

Competitiveness of the Mexican Mining Industry
  1. Speaker
    Mario Cantú Suárez
    General Coordinator of Mining
Incentivizing Exploration under Present Market Conditions
  1. Moderator
    Mario Arregoytia
    Lead Partner for Mining and Metals for Mexico and Central America of EY
  2. Panelist
    Raúl Cruz
    Director General of SGM
  3. Panelist
    Alain Charest
    Country Manager and Senior Geologist of Evrim Resources
  4. Panelist
    Armando Pérez Gea
    Director General of FIFOMI
  5. Panelist
    Alberto Orozco
    VP of Exploration of Argonaut Gold
Networking Coffee Break
Strategies on Capital Prudence, Cost Discipline, and Non-Core Asset Divestment
  1. Moderator
    José Almodovar
    Mining Leader of PwC
  2. Panelist
    Luis Chávez Martínez
    Vice-president of Aurico Gold
  3. Panelist
    Xavier García de Quevedo
    CEO of Grupo Mexico
  4. Panelist
    Salvador García
    COO of First Majestic Silver
  5. Panelist
    Arturo Bonillas
    President of Timmins Gold
Can the Energy Reform Reduce Electricity Costs for Mining Companies?
  1. Speaker
    César Emiliano Hernández Ochoa
    Undersecretary of Electricity at SENER
Networking Luncheon
Best Practices in Tailings Management, Mine Closure, and Remediation
  1. Moderator
    Luis Vera Morales
    Partner at Vera & Asociados
  2. Panelist
    Rafael Dávila
    Head of Mining Industry Latin America of ERM
  3. Panelist
    Arturo Rodriguez Abitia
    Deputy Attorney for Industrial Inspection of PROFEPA
  4. Panelist
    Patrick Williamson
    Principal Consultant and Manager of SRK Consulting Mexico
  5. Panelist
    Víctor del Castillo Alarcón
    Director of Enviroment and Ecology at Grupo Mexico
Critical Success Factors for Suppliers and Service Providers
  1. Moderator
    Gustavo Rodríguez
    Operations Director for Mexico & Central America at Sumitomo
  2. Panelist
    Rene Valle Franco
    General Manager Mexico of MacLean Engineering
  3. Panelist
    Ignacio Gargía Albarrán
    Vice President Mexico & Central America and Director General Mexico of Cummins
  4. Panelist
    Richardt Fangel
    Director General of FLSmidth

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