Mexico Mining Forum Program 2018 - Mexico Business Events (mbe)

Mexico Mining Forum Program 2018

State of the Industry and Policy Priorities
  1. Speaker
    Mario Alfonso Cantú
    Undersecretary of Mining at the Ministry of Economy

The role metals serve as a safe haven for investors amid geopolitical instability and the more favorable outlook on the price of metals are causing mining companies to rejoice. But, if Mexico wants to take full advantage of the industry’s opportunities wider strides must be taken to close the gaps in country’s regulation and international competitivity. The responsibility lies on the shoulders of the recently created Mining Undersecretariat that will highlight its main advances and future priorities in this panel.

Financing, taxation and Investment Attractiveness
  1. Moderator
    Alberto Vázquez
    Senior Partner at VHG Servicios Legales
  2. Panelist
    ​Israel Gutiérrez
    CEO of Mining Development Bank (FIFOMI)
  3. Panelist
    Carlos Espinosa
    Founding Partner of SoftLanding Group
  4. Panelist
    Fernando Pérez
    Executive Director of the Institutional Stock Exchange (BIVA)
  5. Panelist
    John-Mark Staude
    President and CEO of Riverside Resources

Countries with strong mining jurisdictions often compete with each other to attract investment from different areas around the world. The bets are even higher for mining countries in the same region as seen in Latin America with Peru, Mexico and Chile, among others. These high levels of competition could be an opportunity to drive growth, innovation and modernization at a regional level, but the challenge is finding methods for collaboration.

Networking Coffee Break
Efficiency, Safety and Productivity in Mine Operations
  1. Moderator
    Héctor Quezada
    Director of Vitaulic Mexico
  2. Panelist
    Godfrey Walton
    President and COO of Endeavour Silver
  3. Panelist
    José Antonio Berlanga
    CEO of Telson Resources
  4. Panelist
    Fernando Alanís
    Director General of Industrias Peñoles
  5. Panelist
    Christopher Warwick
    Mexico Country Manager of Pan American Silver

To enter the operational phase, mines have to jump through a series of obstacles including mining concessions, the acquisition of permits and feasibility studies. But the challenge continues as operators must continuously optimize and reduce costs to assure the longevity of the mine’s life cycle. The panel will highlight key strategies and success cases to optimize mine operations.

Unlocking the Potential of Mexico’s Mining Industry
  1. Speaker
    Héctor Rocha
    Partner and Deputy Lead of the Energy Sector at EY
Networking Coffee Break
Using Innovation to Mold the Future of Mining
  1. Moderator
    Cindy Collins
    Founder of Mining Technology Partners
  2. Panelist
    Alfredo Bertrand
    General Manager of Epiroc Mexico
  3. Panelist
    Felipe Rivera
    Industry Business/Process Automation Hub Leader Mexico and Central America of Schneider Electric Systems Mexico
  4. Panelist
    Joel Carrasco
    Director General of Solum Consulting Group
  5. Panelist
    Ben Whiting
    Vice President Exploration at Orex Minerals

As one of the oldest industries in the world, mining companies have deeply carved out their production cycles and ways of doing business. Yet, exponential changes in technology, the economy and demand is forcing traditional operations to take a double look at their processes.

Networking Lunch Break
Learning From The Experience Of A North American Partner
  1. Panelist
    Pierre Moreau
    Québec Minister of Energy and Natural Resources

With the ongoing NAFTA negotiations, the relationship between Mexico and Canada is more important than ever. Québec, as a model of sustainability and corporate responsibility in mining shares best practices with its southern neighbor to solidify the relationship between both countries.

Building Stronger Relationships through CSR
  1. Moderator
    Fabian Casaubon
    Partner at Grupo GAP
  2. Panelist
    Alain Charest
    Vice President of Exploration for Evrim Resources
  3. Panelist
    Fred Stanford
    CEO and President of Torex Gold
  4. Panelist
    José Rodríguez
    Director General of Organization and Evaluation of the Mining Fund
  5. Panelist
    Carlos Silva
    CEO of Carrizal Mining and President of the Mexican Federation for Sustainable Mining

Maintaining a close relationship with surrounding communities is one of the biggest obstacles mining companies face. Otherwise, projects can risk blockades or delays that can cost thousands of dollars a day and the public image of a company. To minimize these types of risks, operators can rely on international benchmarks and best practices.

The Hunt for New Sources of Energy in the Mining Sector
  1. Speaker
    David Fatzinger
    General Manager of Latin America for InterGen

Approximately 60 percent of the energy used globally is consumed by industrial companies. Due to the extensive industrial processes involved in mining activities, companies are looking more and more to lowering costs through alternative energy sources.

State Authorities and the Establishment of Favorable Local Environments
  1. Moderator
    Armando Ortega
    Vice President Latin America of New Gold
  2. Panelist
    Álvaro Burgos
    Guerrero Minister of Economy
  3. Panelist
    Jesús Mesta
    Deputy Minister of Economy in Chihuahua
  4. Panelist
    Ramón Dávila
    Durango Minister of Economy
  5. Panelist
    Alberto López
    Director General of the Mining Directorate at the Sonora Ministry of Economy

The swings within Mexico’s regulatory landscape in Mexico is causing a strong backlash from the industry, particularly when it comes to taxes. Reports show that the government tax authority SAT owes Canadian mining companies a total of US$360 million in back taxes and the Ecological Tax proposals in Zacatecas are not helping alleviate the situation. Companies thrive on legal stability, which can only be assured at a local level through the commitment of State authorities.

A Junior Miner's Rapid Growth Trajectory
  1. Speaker
    Dustin VanDoorselaere
    COO of First Majestic Silver

Despite the amount of international competition, top Mexican mining companies have risen as leading global producers of metals such as gold, silver and copper. These companies have a long history in the sector and must actively renovate their business models to maintain their spot at the head of the pack.


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