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Mexico Mining Forum 2019 Preliminary Program

A New Vision for the Industry – Sexennial Objectives

A new administration in Mexico implies a fresh vision for national development, including policies and objectives in the mining industry. In light of the context, the Undersecretariat will highlight the priorities of the governmental organism for the next sexennial and strategies that will be used to achieve these goals.

Grassroots Approach to CSR: How to Adequately Involve Communities and Society in Projects

The art of acquiring a social license in mining projects goes beyond meeting norms and legal obligations, companies must also go out of their way to make sure communities feel involved in the changes that are happening to their surroundings. In this panel, leading experts will share the strategies they have used to establish a bottom-up approach to getting community approval and how this has benefitted their operations.

Open-Sourced Data: The Next Frontier in the Industry?

Considering its 500-year-old history, the mining sector continues to have conservative practices such as keeping geological data secret in the hopes of maintaining a competitive edge. But going against the grain and taking advantage of new crowdsourcing tools in the market could be the next boost that the industry needs.

The Rise of Battery Metals, An Area of Opportunity in Mexico

Global demand for electric vehicle and renewable energy is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years. Some even predict that EVs will account for over 50 percent of new car sales by 2040. Considering the opportunities in battery metals, this panel will define ways that the Mexican mining industry could take advantage of these new opportunities.

Closing the Gap Between Capital and Projects

As a capital-intensive industry with high risks, mining companies find it difficult to raise enough funds to develop their next major project. For this reason, developing bridges between the mining industry and the financial sector has become a rising priority. This panel will discuss strategies that the public and private sector are using to develop more financial opportunities for the Mexican mining industry nationally and internationally.

Mexico’s National Champions

The Mexican mining industry has a long history, and historically Mexican operators either go big or go home. The country’s Big Four – Industrias Peñoles, Fresnillo, Grupo México and Minera Frisco – are all giants of industry operating multiple mines across the country.


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