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Mexico Mining Forum 2020 Preliminary Speakers

Francisco Quiroga
Undersecretary of Mining at the Ministry of Economy

Francisco Quiroga has more than 18 years of experience in relation to the mining industry. He has a background in directorial positions at several major mining-metallurgical companies, such as Villacero, ArcelorMittal and Metalcorp. His history with the Ministry of Economy dates back to 1997 when he served as Trade Remedies Director in Safeguards and Antidumping until 2002. Quiroga studied a BA in economics at UANL, has an MA in economics from Yale University and an MS in Operations Research from the University of Auckland.

Gabino Fraga
Director General of Grupo GAP

Gabino Fraga is founder of Grupo GAP. With 30 years of experience in agrarian law, he has successfully participated in more than 300 projects in the fields of mining, infrastructure, oil and gas, eco-tourism, livestock, agriculture, forestry and real estate. He is one of the foremost experts in Mexico for reaching agreements concerning agrarian issues in various projects. Fraga emphasizes a multidisciplinary approach for accessing land in Mexico. He has taught agrarian law at UNAM’s law faculty.

Michael Harvey
Specialist of Government Relations, Sustainability and Communications

Michael Harvey has 20 years of experience in government relations and strategic communication. As a diplomat, he was Head of the Political Section of the Embassy of Canada in Brasilia, Bogota and Caracas. Harvey is a lawyer with the Quebec Bar Association, holds degrees in law and political science and is studying for a Master’s in international commercial law and practice at the University of Edinburgh. He was Director of External Relations at Newmont Goldcorp from 2013 to 2020.

Luiz Camargo
Country Head of Minera Cuzcatlán

Luiz Camargo is Country Head of Compañía Minera Cuzcatlán and owner's representative of Fortuna Silver Mines in Mexico. Previously, Camargo worked for 11 years in finance-related managerial positions at Anglo American, where he led the multinational group’s accountancy efforts to be listed in the London Stock Exchange. He arrived in Mexico in 2006 to be CFO of Moctezuma Corporation. He holds a BA in public accountancy, a postgraduate degree in finance administration and a diploma in executive management from IPADE.

Alamos Gold_IMG_2020_Jose Tovar
José Tovar
Community Relations Manager at Alamos Gold

José Tovar is an architect and urbanist who leads the Social Performance Team at Minas de Oro Nacional, Alamos Gold. His experience in the mining industry is focused on social management for land acquisition, conflict resolution and community development. Tovar’s expertise also lies in population resettlement under international standards. He has worked in socially complex mining projects across Latin America. Tovar holds degrees from UASLP in Mexico and the Architectural Association Graduate School in London.

Almaden_IMG_2020_Daniel Santamaria_
Daniel Santamaría
Vice President of Minera Gorrión, Almaden Minerals

Daniel Santamaría is a geologist focused on gold mineral prospecting, specializing in igneous petrology and the geodynamics of hydrothermal systems. Santamaría has worked with miners in Suriname and Yukon. As Vice President of Minera Gorrión, he leads geological research and is part of the company’s corporate social responsibility team. In 2012, Santamaría represented Almaden in the Porter Study, investigating active hydrothermal systems in the islands of southern Japan. He holds degrees from the universities of Tasmania and Canterbury.

Javier Reyes de la Campa
Chairman of Accendo Banco

In addition to his role at Accendo Banco, Javier Reyes is Founding Partner and President of Private Equity CP. With more than 20 years of experience in the natural resources sector, he began his career in the financial sector in 1996 at Casa de Bolsa Estrategia Bursátil in Mexico City. In 2001, he founded Mex E Trade Asesores, a firm that specialized in consulting related to mining and energy. He actively participates in the decision-making process of three funds: Antares Oil & Gas, Accendo Natural Resources and Cygnus Real Estate Opportunity Fund.

Alfredo Phillips
President of Guerrero Mining Cluster

Alfredo Phillips was appointed Chairman of the Guerrero Mining Cluster in October 2016 and has lobbied for stronger government involvement in supporting the industry. He is also Chairman of the Mining Task Force of CANCHAM. Previously, he was Corporate Affairs Director at Goldcorp Mexico and Head of Government Affairs, Corporate Communication and Strategy for Siemens Mesoamerica. Phillips has also held  positions in the Mexican government, including Head of the Investment Promotion Office at the Ministry of Energy.

TMX_IMG_2020_David Chelich
David Chelich
Head Business Development Mexico at TMX Group

David Chelich is responsible for developing and implementing business development strategy and tactics for the Mexico and Energy practices of the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) and TSX Venture Exchange (TSXV). Prior to joining the TMX, he spent 25 years in the Canadian capital markets industry, executing over 55 public and private equity financings and advisory mandates. In 2009, Chelich founded First Resource Capital Corp, a natural resource-focused investment bank that was registered until August 2016 as an Exempt Market Dealer.

RB Abogados_IMG_2020_Enrique Rodríguez
Enrique Rodríguez del Bosque
Partner at RB Abogados

Enrique Rodríguez del Bosque founded RB Abogados in 1993. The firm specializes in mining, M&A, project finance and general corporate matters. Previously, he worked at Lusmin and was an associate at Creel, García-Cuéllar & Müggeburg, where he participated in major corporate, finance and mining transactions. Rodríguez del Bosque teaches law at ITAM’s law graduate programs. He has a Juris Doctor degree from ITAM, a tax law diploma from UNAM and a certificate in negotiation and leadership from Harvard Law School.

Alfredo Tijerina
Director General of FIFOMI

Alfredo Tijerina is Director General of Mexico’s Mining Development Bank (FIFOMI) at the Ministry of Economy. Previously, he worked at the Tax Administration Service and participated with the IMF on the preparation of diagnoses of tax administration issues. Tijerina is also a professor and researcher and has published several articles in prestigious journals. He holds a BA in economics from the National Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon and an MSc and Ph.D. in economics from the University of Cincinnati.

Jaime Gabarró
Senior Business Development Consultant at Datamine

Jaime Gabarró was co-founder of Exedra, a software company specializing in logistics and commercial process solutions for the mining industry in 1999. The software became part of what is now Datamine’s MineMarket solution. Gabarró has held different roles globally, from research and development and product management to implementation and technical solution design. His experience includes projects for local and global mining companies in a variety of regions (Africa, Asia, Australia and the Americas).

Paulo Martins
Regional Director South America at Datamine

Paulo Martins is responsible for Datamine Software’s operations in Latin America and the Caribbean, where he delivers state-of-the-art software marketing, consulting and training solutions to mining companies that seek to boost efficiency and productivity. Previously, Martins directed CAE Mining and was head of control assurance at Deloitte and IT Manager at Anglo American. He performed as systems engineer at EDS Group and as senior consultant at Arthur Andersen. Martins has degrees in business administration and software engineering.

Cluster Minero Chihuahua_IMG_2020_Gerardo Duran
Gerardo Durán
Director General of Chihuahua Mining Cluster

Gerardo Durán is focused on generating benefits for society and the public sector through project-development and knowledge optimization. Before becoming director of the Chihuahua Mining Cluster, he led La Salle University’s startup incubator in Chihuahua. Durán has a BA in international business and negotiation from La Salle and a specialty in negotiation with Asian countries from Beijing United University. He is currently an MA candidate at Chihuahua State University.

FLSmidth_IMG_2018_Alejandro Espejel
Alejandro Espejel
Country Manager of FLSmidth

Alejandro Espejel has 12 years of experience in operations management, business development and digital strategy. At FLSmidth, and previously at Cemex, he has optimized business units, led international teams and participated in corporate expansion and post-merger integration projects. Espejel holds a BSc from Tec de Monterrey, an MBA from Copenhagen Business School and an executive certificate in business analytics from Wharton. He is proficient in business development, performance improvement and strategy implementation.

Emerson_IMG_2020_David Vizcarrondo
David Vizcarrondo
Director of Strategic Accounts at Emerson

David Vizcarrondo is Director of Strategic Accounts at Emerson Latin America. Previously, he was responsible for the commercial strategy of Emerson in Mexico. From 2014 to 2015, he was Country General Manager in Peru, where he was responsible for the management and oversight of Emerson’s operations. Vizcarrondo holds a BA in civil engineering and an MA in finance from Universidad Católica Andrés Bello, as well as am MBA in logistics from Penn State University.

Cozcyt_IMG_2019_Agustin Enciso
Agustín Enciso
Director General of Cozcyt

Agustín Enciso was previously a visiting scholar at the European Center for Nuclear Research. He has a Doctorate of Science from the UASLP Institute of Physics and has been a member of the National System of Researchers since 1997. He has been an advisor to the Congress Commission of Science and Technology. As part of his initiatives on scientific research, academic-administrative management and social development, he is one of the driving forces behind Quantum City of Knowledge.

SGM_IMG_2020_Enrique Espinosa
Enrique Espinosa
Subdirector of Mineral Resources, Mexican Geological Survey

Enrique Espinosa is a geologist and engineer with extensive field experience and knowledge of diverse districts and types of mineral deposits. A graduate of UNAM who specializes in remote sensors and oil mineral deposits exploration, he collaborated at GEOCA and defined the potential of the Morelos Platform through gravimetry (the measurement of a gravitational field's strength). Espinosa has collaborated with companies such as Industrial Minera México and LUISMIN in exploration of various projects.

Alberto Orozco
President of Sonora Mining Cluster

Alberto Orozco is Corporate Development VP of Riverside Resources Inc. and Chairman of the Sonora Mining Cluster. Passionate about mining and innovation, he holds degrees in geosciences and geology. Orozco has completed postgraduate studies in earth sciences at Saint Mary’s and Dalhousie universities. His graduate work was published in Tectonophysics. Orozco has participated in mining projects from the exploration and development stages to operation in the states of Chiapas, Sonora, Durango and Baja California Sur.

Hilde Salgado
Undersecretary of Economic Development in Sinaloa

Hilde Maria Salgado has a BA in Law and Social Sciences from Universidad de Occidente and an MA in Electoral Law. Previously, she was the Coordinator of the High Performance Business Center, commercializing  Health Services at Angeles Hospital.

DurangoSenator_IMG_Miguel Angel Lucero
Miguel Ángel Lucero Olivas
Senator and President of Mexican Senate's Mining Commission

Miguel Ángel Lucero Olivas is renowned as an educator in his native state of Durango, where he has been headmaster and developed study plans for underprivileged youths. He has collaborated with the Red Cross and crafted an early-education neuro-pedagogical model that is widely used in Latin America. Sen. Lucero Olivas is committed to furthering and protecting children’s educational rights, and to galvanizing Mexico’s mining, agro and tourism sectors.

Chavez Ruiz Zamarripa
Bernardo Ramírez
Partner at Chavez, Ruiz, Zamarripa

Bernardo Ramírez has been a Partner at Chevez Ruiz Zamarripa since 2004. During that time, he has developed ample experience in structural design, set up and tax advisory for the infrastructure sector, including energy, roads, airports, oil and gas, and especially for the mining industry, both with multinational and local clients. He has also dealt with numerous tax controversies with the tax authorities in these sectors. Ramírez is a public accountant from ITAM and a member of Mexico’s College of Public Accountants.

Luis Javier Sánchez
Undesecretary of Investment in Zacatecas

Luis Javier Sánchez García is responsible of the directorates of mining, promotion and investment management, industry, agroindustry, infrastructure, information technology and international business at the State Government of Zacatecas. Mr. Sanchez Garcia has completed graduate studies in business management and accounting. He has a distinguished trajectory in the private sector, being the founder and director of various successful companies in the real estate and finance sectors. 

Carlos Silva
CEO of Santacruz Silver Mining

Carlos Silva is a mining engineer with expertise across various areas of the mining environment, including social-political, labor safety, environmental, productivity and efficiency of operations, financing and accounting. He is Founder and Director General of Carrizal Mining, which operates the Zimapan mine in Hidalgo, as well as being Director General for Tres Generaciones de Mineria, a mining service provider with expertise in mine construction. He is also COO of Santacruz Silver.

Victaulic_IMG_2020_Hector Quezada
Héctor Quezada
Country Manager of Victaulic Mexico

Héctor Quezada is Director in Mexico of Victaulic, responsible for the fire protection, mining, HVAC, industrial, and water and sanitation markets. He is an engineer who graduated from the Universidad Iberoamericana and went on to accumulate more than 20 years of experience in the HVAC industry. As Director in Mexico for Victaulic, he works together with other organizations to implement systems that eliminate waste and create leaner processes.

Jody Kuzenko
COO of Torex Gold Resources

Jody Kuzenko is a senior mining executive with over 20 years of operational and business experience, mainly at Inco/Vale. After the first four years at Inco as Chief Legal Officer, she moved to the operational side of the business where she held roles of increasing responsibility in operations management. She has a proven record of execution and leadership in the areas of sustainability, energy, safety, health and environmental protection, transport functions, oxygen and acid plants, refineries, and community, labour and government relations.

Adrian Blanco
General Manager Mexico of McEwen Mining

Adrian Blanco has extensive international experience in various industrial sectors, holding executive positions in Mexico, the US, Peru and Argentina. At Compañía Minera Pangea, he has been responsible for leading a successful business transformation toward operational discipline, best business practices and financial profitability. He promotes the highest standards of industrial safety and competitiveness. Additionally, Blanco is responsible for defining growth strategies to expand McEwen Mining’s presence in Mexico.

Starcore_IMG_2020_Salvador Garcia
Salvador García
COO of Starcore

Salvador García, in addition to his role at Starcore International Mines, is president of AIMMGM’s national directive council. Formerly, García held executive roles at First Majestic and Goldcorp. He has been General Manager of a number of successful mining operations, as well as presiding over Sonora’s Mining Cluster and sitting on CAMIMEX’s board. García is a mining engineering graduate from Guanajuato State University and holds a certificate in multinational corporate management from Tec de Monterrey.

Ramón Mendoza
Vice President Operations at First Majestic

Ramón Mendoza is a senior mining professional with 30 years’ experience. Prior to joining First Majestic in April 2014, Mr. Mendoza worked with AMEC as Principal Mining Engineer, leading the mine consulting team by applying advanced optimization techniques for underground and open-pit mining projects, integrating mine planning and cost modeling tools, as well as the inclusion of geo-metallurgical aspects to mine plans. Mr. Mendoza graduated from the UNAM with a degree in Mining and Metallurgist Engineer. Mr. Mendoza holds an M.Sc. degree in Mining and Earth Systems Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines.